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Online states:
Confirm.png = Machine is online, no error occured
Waring.png = Machine is online, but an error occured (like: unable to connect by using WinRM)
Remove visible.png = Machine is offline (no response from ping)

The health state on the main form:
Flag.png Reboot pending = There are pending File-rename operations, or SCCM requires a reboot.
Flag.png Updates missing = ConfigMgr. approved updates are missing.
Flag.png Install running = ConfigMgr Agent is installing updates.
Flag.png Users online = one or more users are logged on interactively.

Tips and Tricks:
  1. Select All (Ctrl+A) or individual Rows and right click to get the action menu
  2. All checks will stop while you are editing a computername.
  3. check health state for a single client: double click the full row (left side of a row) and all selected rows will run the health check.
  4. You can copy/paste devices directly from Configuration Manager 2012
  5. To trigger any Actions, right click the selected Rows to open the Menu
  6. Custom Powershell command will show the last result in the "StatusMessage" column.
  7. You have to restart the CM12 console after registering the extensions (Settings Tab).
  8. The URL for Client Center and other settings can be modified in the CMCollCtr.exe.config

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jnewcomb1 Oct 24, 2013 at 5:52 PM 
Hi there, has anyone else had issues with the "copy/paste" feature. The device does paste into the Colleciton Commander, however the collection itself does not update in CM...